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Windstorm and Hail Insurance

Protect your home from dangerous damage.

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What Is Windstorm and Hail Insurance?

Regular homeowner’s insurance excludes losses due to wind and hail. For many homeowners, this is an exception that doesn’t give them much to worry about. But here in the Outer Banks, we understand that the threat of wind and hail damage is serious. In the barrier islands, a hurricane may be just around the corner at any time. Whether your home is right on the beach or not, it could still sustain damage from wind and hail. That’s why it’s important for all Outer Banks homeowners to purchase wind and hail coverage.

Why You Need Windstorm and Hail Insurance

Don’t let wind and hail damage keep you from happily living your life in the Outer Banks. With the right coverage, we can help you manage the risks that come with living here. Because we are local, independent agents, we understand the challenges you face and look forward to helping you.

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